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"Harbinger" is Animus Fall's debut EP featuring 7 songs, including an intro.


released July 4, 2015

Produced by: Animus Fall
Lyrics: Joel Dickson
Music: Nico Bamberger
Mixed & Mastered by Neil Bezuidenhout
Recorded at 7StringStudios
Artwork by Vinci Illustration & Design and Sean Steenkamp



all rights reserved


Animus Fall Cape Town, South Africa

Animus, meaning "spirit of animosity". Animus Fall brings the image of the season of hostility. We are a 5 piece melodic trash metal band from Cape Town, South Africa




Twitter: @AnimusFallZA
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Track Name: Division
I found you broken and bleeding,
Without a trace of hope.
You slit your wrists just to see if he’d even give a damn.

No, you are so loved!

Stand up on your own two feet,
Do away with truth untold.
You’re meant for more than you can know,
Your life will remain.

Remain in the light till the call,
Don’t let darkness descend on your soul.

Self-afflicted are scars of the past.
Left behind in the shadow of death.
Another sting of meaningless division,
From the place we are meant to call home.
Track Name: Senseless
You told me I should do what was right for me and you.
So I took a stand on shattered legs and broke my fist in two.
Hold me steady.
My final moment.
I will give my life for you.
When I’m returned to the place I was born
-Bury me when I will die; in your arms.

I know I am too lost,
The one way too far gone.
But hopefully, I might just be at peace in another life.
When I die, lay me down,
Outside these walls to rest my head,
Far from here.

I would have never thought I’d leave,
Without a single trace to show.
The malevolence, the travesty,
Of a life lived without cause.

With forgiven feet I tread,
Towards a bright light at the end.
What I leave behind, just out of sight,
Will cease to intertwine.
Track Name: Harbinger
I am never gonna see,
What you saw in-between.
The fabled life without, you’re falling to your knees.
Is this what you left for,
To fight a long lost war?
A dark and hollow grave, is where this path will end.
Unless you turn away, in the cold ground you’ll stay.

This is a warning!
Turn and walk away.
Behold – Harbinger!
Calls you home.

The cities will fall into the sea that day.
The land will break and the oceans take their place.
Swallow the earth, shatter the sky.
Harbinger take flight.
The cities will fall into the sea that day.

Torn apart from the outside in.
No blood spills forth, only blackened sin.
Wasted your life with no sacrifice.
Treason in its truest form.
Vacancy that can rival hell.
In the latter bound to dwell.
Forever, beckons forth.
So silent, no remorse!

No remorse.
This is a warning, the hour is turning.
Renewal is coming, to cleanse us all.
Hide behind all you’ve died to find.
The darkness will take all that fall in the wake of the Harbinger!
Track Name: Side Effect
I feel the burn of the flame within me,
I’ve come to know and accept this feeling.
Pushed to the edge,
I’ll claw a way straight through.
To find my solace now,
A soul I will renew.

I will escape my fate, I want to live again.

There’s no such thing as a heart too heavy,
Even the burden of life and memory.
A purpose-driven existence to find,
The past is gone, the future redefined.

I am the side effect.
I am a by-product.
I am the consequence.
I am the side effect.

With my hands, I’ll start anew.
Another way to make it through.
Not to be just another side effect.
Track Name: In the Shadow of the Mountain
The seeds we have sown in our days,
Will eat us alive.
Suffocation under all we’ve made,
They will become our demise, they will eat us alive.

Where can we turn to save ourselves?
Will we burn for what we’ve done?
I know that I can find redemption,
Sheltered in the Shadow of the Mountain!

Pulled under and apart.
Blood will flow,
Under the waves and pulling tides.
The agony I feel, is not the sin I bear.
A torturous design, brought up by passing time.

Broken bone, the end is near, near!
Twisted flesh, the end is here, here!

All the wealth of all the world,
Feeble comfort for a soul.
All the wealth of all the world,
What good is it to…
Track Name: Overcome
Oh can you hear it now? The lonely static sound.
An open wound that I cannot cauterize.
It’s taken everything,
Except the strength within.
For now I bleed, one too many times.

I was so blind I could not see,
All of the things it did to me.
I was so blind I could not see,
I want to be free.

Oh, I want to be free.

I’m staring at the broken ground,
A sign it’s gone from me.
And all that’s left is the sound,
My heartbreak symphony.

Within a lonely place I stand,
Nothing to stop my fears and thoughts.
So, here is my exclamation,
Of all my past mistakes and
What I’ve become, to burn down to the ground.

Oh will we ever see,
The end of misery.
A wicked world, brought to its knees.
The end of dystrophy.

For now I resonate,
Within a solid state.
It beckons me from a place so far away.
It has been overcome,
To see what has been done.
Look at me now; upon a brand new day!